New movie surrounding unconventional love story films in South Philadelphia

South Philly Review | By Grace Maiorano | September 27, 2019


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One NIght

Massimo Lombardo

Max is a Dirty Martini and Four Olives kind of guy, full of life and ambition with a charming smile and quick wit.

Olivia Lee

Ollie is a self made business woman whose career is on overdrive and singularly focused on success.

Gabriele Mancini

Gabe is Max's childhood best friend, business partner, and confidant.

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One Night

Max meets Olivia and they “connect” instantly with each other.
What follows is how relationships are created, held, and sometimes destroyed.

Fabian Farina
Fabian Farina
Writer, Producer, Starring

Mario Cerrito III is an award winning film producer, screen writer and director residing in New Jersey.

Mario Cerrito III
Mario Cerrito III

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